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GWAN MOVE - Soca Fitness Party

Guyanese Fit Chick

Nov 8, 2023

Caribbean Fitness Movement

Guyanese Fit Chick is bringing Gwan Move Soca fitness to Guyana, Essequibo Coast. Come out and join your girl Guyanese Fit Chick who to take your through the hottest Soca fitness party in the Essequibo Coast. This 2 hour Soca fitness workout will have 3 different styles.

Spice and Tone - is a Soca fitness workout that will have you learning simple Caribbean dance choreograpghy to Soca/Afrobeat music with the use of a rag/towel. Suitable for any fitness level.

Gwan Box - is a Cardio Box workout that teaches you the basic skills of Cardio Box drills.

P.U.S.H. - is a High Intensity Interval Training workout using your own body weight and several different equipment that will give you a incredible sweat and a amazing body transformation.

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