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Who is Guyanese Fit Chick?

Updated: Aug 13

Welcome to get to know "Guyanese Fit Chick"

Hello World! It' your girl Guyanese Fit Chick. If you don't know me by now, I am a high energy, motivating Soca fitness trainer who love teaching others to "Gwan Move". I presently live in Canada, where I am teaching fitness pop - classes and events around Southern Ontario, Canada and the USA. At the age of 51, I still have a great passion to encourage and spread positive vibes all over the world. When I'm not in the gym, I'm a nurse at a local hospital and a mother of 3.

Sharing the Gwan Move positive vibes.
Guyanese Fit Chick

How I started.

At the age of 8, I was introduced to aerobics workouts. I would follow my Aunt when she would watch the "20 minute workout" that played weekly on television. My mom put me in gymnastics to keep me active and I fell in love with body weight training which would introducing me to teaching fitness classes at 19 at the local YMCA. I wanted to do more and reach a bigger audience so I branched off to other box gyms. This is now lead me to being Guyanese Fit Chick, the creator of Gwan Move. Caribbean Fitness Movement.

What's going now!

Today, I am so excited to be collaborating with other fitness businesses around Canada, USA and the Caribbean spreading the Gwan Move Caribbean Fitness Movement and a international fitness presenter. Gwan Move is the hottest Soca fitness party that is a high energy, wet with sweat that will have burning ton of calories with the use of a rag.

Please continue to follow and don't forget to subscribe to my website to get updates on Gwan Move workshops in your country and city.

Next classes coming up: GWAN MOVE BOOTCAMP | Guyanese Fit Chick

GWAN MOVE WORKSHOP - CAMBRIDGE session 1 | Guyanese Fit Chick

GWAN MOVE WORKSHOP - CAMBRIDGE session 2 | Guyanese Fit Chick

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