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Why you need to do weight training in your 50's

As I get older, I am feeling the benefits of weight training and I why tell you why. I fell in love with weight training when I was younger as I use to train as a gymnastics at the age of 5. I love to the feeling of body when I was finished training practice.

So in high school I started weight training at my high school gym, but there were only men. I did not the like feeling of being the only female as I decided to go to the Local YMCA and usen their gym. Still didn't see a lot of female in the weight room, I did see that the aerobics class were always filled with women.

In that time, women did aerobic classes and the men would like weights, but I did not are because I fell in love with weight training. I started reading body building magazine and looking for women model. I would you one female and the rest were big muscle men with veins popping out. YUCK!!

I would still copy what the men did and I did not do heavy weight cause the myth back then was if a woman should lift heavy weight will would get big muscle like a man. After doing continuous research and training , I realized that was not accurate so I continued to training and enjoyed the confidence to brought me in my 20's.

I moved to England when I was 25 and in late 20' and early 30's, I started having children and my body totally changed and I stopped training. I gained that stubborn Mommy fat. I gained up to 20 to 30 pounds and I just hated my body. I sat there and complained for also 2 year before I decided change the way I thinking and processing my life. Starting watching online fitness videos and I had not equipment, so I asked my husband to build my a step box and I would use those old plate weights.

Moving into my middle 30's and 40's, I decided to take my weight training journey to a whole new level so after my 3rd child I decided to compete in a bikini competition at the age of 40's. At first I laughed a myself saying "Gayle this is the craziest thing you have even do, but when I did my research and seeing other women in their 40's competing, I just couldn't wait the results. Let my tell you the results were amazing, but I body's hormone were out of whack and I went through early menopause. I stopped having periods by the age 47.

I went through the hot flashes, pain in my knees, lack of energy, eating a large amounts of sugary food and the list goes on. Now I had to look at weight training in a total different view as my body is now having a decreased production of estrogen and progesterone. I started gain weight in the middle section and I did not know what to do. So I started lifting heavy weight and lost cardio. That's when I started seeing my body change and gained back my strength and tighten back in my stubborn area and most of all giving me peace and clarity.

Try this upper body weight train workout.

Recommended weight: 8 to 10lbs dumbbell

Guyanese Fit Chick, certified fitness instructor, Registered Practical Nurse

Guyanese Fit Chick, certified fitness instructor, RPN

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