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You need to work out in your 50's!

I hope that this of my blog has caught your eyes. That's right. You need to have and create a fitness regimen in your 50's and here is why?

In my journey of fitness coaching, I have come across several women and men you would say that that have no time to work out because they spent so much time to work making money and taking care of other. This does not make any sense to me. Taking the time to work is essential, but if you don't take care of your body sooner or later your body will crush and you won't be able to go to work or take care of anyone else.

Here are 10 ways why working out can be beneficial to your body

  1. Enhance your energy level

When you start working out your may feel tired, unable to complete the routine and want to give up cause you may feel the fitness routine is too hard or you feel bored. If your plan to workout twice a week and keep your routine consistently you will definitely see results to build you energy level.

2. Reduces Aging

3. Good for the brain and your emotional state

4. Increase strength, balance and flexibility

Come and stretch with Guyanese Fit Chick

5. Key to a healthy heart

6. Lowers your risk to cancer

7. Keep your bones strong and health

8. Improves your coordination and helps prevent falls

9. Prevents muscle loss

10. Helps you sleep better


Fitness is essential to the body because the body wants to move, repair and restore.

Looking for motivating in your fitness routine? Guyanese Fit Chick is available for online fitness coaching which includes nutrition and a fitness program.

Contact Guyanese Fit Chick at

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